Come and enjoy singing, playing instruments and movement to music with your baby, toddler or pre-schooler in our popular Mini Music Makers programme. Through our carefully planned activities we lay the foundations for musicality and musical understanding as well as social and language development.

Abingdon Music Centre has been running baby and pre-school Music Classes for over 40 years. Our qualified teachers and musicians aim to foster a lifelong love of music in our fun and friendly groups.

We run classes in Abingdon every weekday,  grouped according to age, from 2 months until starting school (when they can continue in our school-age programme).

FREE for babies younger than 4 months.

Younger siblings are welcome to attend classes with their older sibling for a reduced rate.

New classes are opened in response to demand at stages throughout the year.


Here's a happy baby jingling bells

BABIES aged between 2 months and 1 year are taught:

  • in small classes of 10 or fewer
  • traditional and new songs you can continue at home
  • to use safe, easy to play instruments

 Babies and carers love the special one-to-one playing time they have at music, and the songs and repetition help with brain development. View our curriculum here.

We don’t mind at all if your baby needs a feed, nap or change during the class.

Children enjoy using a range of props

TODDLERS aged between 1 and 2 years are taught:

  • in classes of no more than 16
  • to express themselves in movement and sound
  • a range of songs using puppets, props and instruments

 We begin to introduce formal musical concepts such as rhythm (fast/slow), pitch (high/low) and dynamics (loud/soft) in a fun and easy to follow way, providing a solid foundation for future musical development. View our curriculum here.

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PRE-SCHOOLERS aged between 3 and 5 are taught:

  • in classes of no more than 16
  • to build on and extend the experiences they have already had
  • to sing and fully participate in the session
  • to share their own ideas

 The pre-school classes are interactive and the children will love suggesting ideas for new verses or actions. We may use story songs and humour that appeal strongly to the children.  Our classes provide an inclusive environment where everybody’s ideas are valued. View our curriculum here.

Why does music matter to your baby/pre-schooler?

  • Music can be extremely valuable in enhancing personal, social and educational development in young children.
  • By giving young children a way of expressing themselves, music encourages their creativity and improves self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Music helps with better language and mathematical ability, better-adjusted social behaviour, and even improvements in spatial reasoning, which is the foundation of science and engineering science.
  • It’s fun and a special time to share and bond together.

[Source: Youth Music ]

How can you help?

  • We hope that you will participate as fully as your child, as the more you put in to the class, the more your child will get out of it.
  • Drop-box links to ‘Sing Hooray!’ and ‘Let's All Make Some Music!’, once available as CDs, are available to buy and can help to reinforce and practice songs at home.
  • We hold events for our members, focused on enjoying making music as a family, as well as themed parties for our babies/pre-schoolers.

Music Makers Together

FREE intergenerational Music sessions on Fridays (monthly) at Bridge House Care Home

Our sessions bring all the generations together to share and enjoy music m



Why choose Abingdon Music Centre?

  • Abingdon Music Centre has been running baby and pre-school Music Classes for 40 years.
  • All our baby and pre-school music classes are run by qualified teachers and musicians who aim to foster a lifelong love of music in our fun and friendly groups.  All teachers have been checked by the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
  • Each session is carefully planned in order to meet the specific needs of the children in each class. All songs and activities are carefully planned by the teachers to enable the childrens' musical development as well as exploring important social and language  skills. Classes are flexible and plans can be adapted when necessary. View our curriculum here.
  • We deliberately make use of repetition, often exploring similar songs for a 5-6 week block - very young children learn through repetition and this allows them to become familiar with the songs and join in during the class as well as eventually singing themselves at home. We find that parents/carers also appreciate the opportunity to learn a set of songs/rhymes that they can enjoy together at home outside the class.
  • Our teachers are also musicians and the children enjoy seeing their teachers playing live within the sessions. Our classes are deliberately fairly low-tech, instead focusing on live music. This allows the teachers flexibility to adapt within each session but also makes it possible for parents/carers to revisit favourite songs/activities from the sessions at home.
  • Signing up for a term of classes allows children and their parents/carers to develop a bond with their teacher and other families in their class as well as teachers being able to plan tailor-made sessions to help a known group of children to develop.
  • We believe that baby and pre-school music classes mark only the beginning of a child's musical journey and your association with Abingdon Music Centre does not end when your child starts school. We offer a range of school-aged and adult groups, classes, workshops and members’ events that enable families to enjoy life-long music-making.
  • Toys and refreshments are available before and/or after some of our classes (please check when booking if this is something you require/would like).
  • Monday and Thursday classes take place at Abingdon Music Centre (now based in the Music Building at Larkmead School, Faringdon Road. Parking is available on site).  Wednesday and Friday classes take place at the Abbey Baptist Church, Checker Walk, Abbey Close, Abingdon. Tuesday morning classes take place at Christ Church, Northcourt Road, Abingdon. (Weekly pay-as-you-go/ drop-in option available at Christ Church only).


Babies love moving to music

Children love songs that use actions and movement.